Grim Reaper experience (the clue is in the name) 70 miles

Curiously, immediately after the race I was feeling unsure about the upcoming race in Sept which this one was part of training for…

However, by the time I got into my bed two hours later, I could not wait to do it all again. I reckon all the springboards, ahem I mean, people I spoke with along the way, have probably also signed up for their next one by now or are thinking about which one to do.

I messaged my friend when I got into bed and said- “why is it that you brain goes arrghhh that hurt like hell! Let’s do another one?” and he replied- “endorphins”.


There’s nothing funnier than Ultra-marathon chat- it’s a surreal experience and the conversations go with it-

End of Lap 1 ) Me- Well, that felt surprisingly easy! Man- Yes, I do actually really enjoy running uphill (ahahahaaa!) Newcastle man- Ah, my legs aren’t really working, like. I am really not feeling so clever now, like.

End of Lap 2) Me- everything hurts, already. I don’t know if I am cut out for ultras. I maybe will stick to the 10-21 kms from now on. Man- I think I am going to have a nap before the next lap, I feel really rough.

Lady- I don’t know why I do this to myself. This is my last 40 miler. I love the gym. I can go to the gym for hours on end. This is too hard.  This is my last 40 miler, I’ll never be strong enough to do the 70. This is it for me. I don’t know why I do this to myself.

On lap 3)- My friend catches me up on his 4th lap- I’m getting too old for the sh*t. Everything hurts. I don’t like running. Sorry, am I slowing you down? Me- no, but you are BRINGING me down :D I’ve got 4 more laps dude :D


I call my mum, give her an update- “well, my legs started to fall apart end of last lap when we hit the tarmac. Please can you get me some cash out (here’s my PIN) so I can get a takeaway curry tomorrow without having to move? Thanks”. I spend the rest of the lap imagining and planning my order.

On lap 4) Latvian guy- This is my first ultra-marathon (he was doing the 100 miles) this is my 5th lap. I’ve been injured for two months. My friends said this would be like a baby ultra, you know, no mountains. This is not an easy ultra. I usually do park runs. My favourite distance is half-marathons, you just run! No drinking. In an ultra-marathon you have to drink ALL THE ^%&(£* TIME?! Me- just smiled and nodded. Me- I like your watch, is it a Garmin? Guy- talks for 20+ mins, I have no idea what he said or, whether it was a Garmin? I told him I wanted to live in Malta. He said I should want to live in Switzerland.

Me- end of lap 4)- Yeah, I’ve got some more to give. I don’t feel spent. Or tired.

Lap 5)- Man with hiking polls- I did The Wall. I thought this would be easier. This is not easier.

Lap 6)- Me- Nah, she’s not dead- she just really likes her, apparently. ( :D )

Lap 7)- Friend- have we seen anyone on this lap? Other than the lady dressed as a caterpillar? Me: Didn’t some guys overtake us at the beginning? Or was that another lap? Friend: I can’t remember. Me: I think we did see some people. Maybe it was on the last lap? Or some other lap?

1/2 km from the end of my last lap- Me- right, I’m not sure what’s exactly happened to my left leg- but it’s turned into a kind of post, I can’t seem to bend the knee. Hamstrings cross the knee don’t they? Or is that the Quads? No, the hamstrings do too… It’s the hamstring attachment points…. I’ll be fine, I only need one good leg to finish? right ? I’ll just drag it.


Grim reaper flying ;)




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