I don’t know if I’m going to run all the 30k tonight…

image running motivationI don’t know if I’m going to run all the 30k tonight… And I don’t really care.  I’m going to try.  It won’t be a miracle that I finish, it’ll be a miracle that I get up at 1am to join the start on time.

Around 2 months ago I’d never have even thought this possible, and maybe it still isn’t, but I am going to try and see what happens.

Here is the main inspiration I am going to try to play in my head, (along with some superb new, carefully selected Hard House).


If I could name *one thing* that has supported my growth, both personally and professionally, it would be the concept of, “start before you’re ready.”

A lot of people don’t take risks because they wait for a confirmation of readiness that doesn’t exist.

But, truthfully, we never feel ready. That desire in your heart… that is the clue that you’re ready.

You really want to be a player? Take action on that desire. Build your team. Launch your tele-class. Rent your event space. Put a deposit down on your retreat location. Do it BEFORE the revenue arrives.

That’s how you say to the Universe… “I’m in the game. I’m sitting at the high stakes table. And I want to win.” Erin Huggins.


Somebody asked Brian Robinson if he felt devastated because he had quit so close to finishing.”You know, I thought I would,” Robinson said. “But I’m actually proud of a loss like this. Until you push yourself right to the edge, you haven’t really pushed yourself. I have absolutely nothing left right now. That’s really what I came here for”  Eli Saslow, speaking about ultra-marathon runner Brian Robinson.


Relax… You’ll be fine.  Tyler Tomasello


Hannah…….you can do anything. Anyone who can run round after 2 gorgeous, mischievous children for nearly 4 years will find a night run a doddle. Just keep breathing in the atmosphere and feel your sense of achievement. Xxx  Christine Pilkington


You can’t run all that way.  Adam Pilkington.



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