Are they as safe as their widespread global use would have us believe them to be?

I don’t know of anyone, my generation, even the home birthing, long term breastfeeding, co sleeping, no nappy using, mothers who for-went ultrasounds in pregnancy.

Seeing your little one on screen, or little ones, settles your mind about what is going on inside you.

Like so many aspects of raising children, people like to feel that they have taken no risks, had certainty in place of faith.

Though has this desire to be in control meant that we have ignored possible risks?

Has ultrasound ever been properly tested?

I knew full well when I went for my scans that they had not.  But I went anyway, who knows why.  I did try to make them quick, but at the end of my pregnancy I was going for ultrasounds every two weeks as is normally required.  For me, I wanted to check the babies’ positions.

I was always in discomfort afterward the ultrasounds. Cramping pains, I recall.

This article raises some thought-provoking, if concerning questions about the potential dangers of ultrasounds.

However, I strongly advise every one contemplating pregnancy reads it first ….

It contains information on studies in progress, so hard facts are involved, not just speculation :)



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