Hello there!


I am happy you found this blog :) I am a Yoga teacher and mother to now 8 year old twins.

I started this blog when they were little, now I work nearly full-time as a sole-parent and Yoga teacher, I update here less frequently :)

You may like to check out the information on my Yoga site or Instagram also.

I needed a pursuit, other than teaching Yoga that would enable me to work from home, even with a child or two on my lap, or at home in the evenings, writing became that.

When I have time I write recipes or articles about health, fitness, wellness, Yoga or ultramarathons (run by myself and others).

Please contact me if there is something you would like to see more of on here :)

I endeavour to present information free of bias or judgement, so please keep comments kind and open-minded.

I am not presuming I know best, there are many roads to the same destination and am grateful for any tips :)

It is my hope we may all learn from each other, in society and on the web, in an open and compassionate manner :)

Cya around!

Hannah X



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Hannah,

    I just found your website via elephantjournal. I love all your recipes as they all seem to be tasty and quick to prepare! Actually, I just made the high-calcium breakfast biscuits since I’m always on-the-go. Keep up the awesome work! :)


  2. Lovely site Hannah. Clean, easy to read and very informative. Just one thing…….it would be nice if your popular posts on the left were in chronological order so I can see which ones I haven’t read…….just a thought. Xxx

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