A sad weekend to be a human

Spring hunting for Easter eggsAs I sit here drinking some tea, I hear a bird singing.  And I feel sad.

Tomorrow that little guy can (and probably will) be shot at mercilessly, then if he’s not that special, just left by the roadside to die, rather than to be stuffed for about E50 and stuck in a showcase alongside many others like him.

Another historic referendum for the Maltese has sealed the thinnest of majorities of just 2,220 votes to retain a spring hunting season despite an EU ban.

The Times of Malta said that the “Yes” campaign successfully argued that a “No” victory could result in other pastimes, such as fireworks and motorsports, also being banned in referendums.

The paper says that hunting enthusiasts also succeeded in using the “pulling power” of Prime Minister Mr Muscat while simultaneously ensuring that their campaign was “characterised by an absence of images of shotguns and dead birds”.

A second hunting season in autumn was not included in the referendum.

Malta is the only EU country that allows recreational spring hunting. (more…)

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Non-Yoga for back pain

Yoga for bad backWhen someone knows you have a legal qualification, conversations with friends and acquaintances sometimes start a bit like this, “So I have this parking ticket from Birmingham…” or “can I ask you about the Law as regards my neighbour’s cats…” 

As a Yoga teacher, conversations go, more often, exactly like this like this, “I have this pain in my back, can you recommend some stretches to help me?”.

And I love to help, but it is tricky to give what they are asking for. I’ve done short sequences for everyone from my boyfriend, to my brother, to my friends.

Ones they can roll out of bed and do, ones they can do at the desk at work, single-pose sequences…  But I’m pretty sure none of them really do them… And I understand completely why.  They are busy.  Everyone’s busy.  That is why their backs hurt. And truth be told,  5 mins of Yoga a day will help, but there’s some other stuff I believe will help more.  Such as: (more…)

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90s dance video revival / Friday feelin’

I’m having my own little 90s revival over here (whilst supposedly hoovering and finishing off articles).  90s House / dance music was a massive part of my life.

From 15 yrs old -23 it was my main interest and focus (to my mother’s despair, academics were forever my fall-back option).


These are some of my favourite music videos from the era.  The tunes are, er, expediting my hoovering… I’m most definitely not reviving old dance moves here in my kitchen. (more…)

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Please don’t nominate me for a no-make up selfie, this is why…

cancer-fighting-foods-carrots-400x400If you are a vegan/ vegetarian/ animal lover, and have been getting on board with the ‘no make-up selfie’ craze, please take a minute to read this.

I love you, friends, and it upsets me greatly, really, to know so many of you, knowing the below, may think differently.  This is not an attack on anyone of you, I just want to share some stuff, that when I found it out myself, I stopped donating to certain cancer charities.

There are noble cancer causes (list below) to which I  would still contribute, that are in line with my ethics, and then there are pink KFC buckets type campaigns.

If 82% of people polled say they would not donate to research charities that fund animal experiments, do people really know what the causes they are donating to, do with the money?

We need to maintain our wisdom and our integrity when it comes to which cancer causes or campaigns we are supporting.  They are not all equal.

Regarding, finding a cure for cancer: cancer is, I am sorry to break this if you didn’t already know, big business.  Conventional cancer treatments are manufactured and sold.  Someone is profiting from this.

‘Astra Zeneca developed the pink ribbon campaign. They ALSO PRODUCE chemo and birth control pills. Question everything nature didn’t design’. 1 (more…)

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Earthpaste: A Treat For Teeth

earthpaste image

What if you could look forward to cleaning your teeth, like you look forward to a tasty snack?

Not for nourishment, energy or filling-up, just to have a nice taste sensation?

And be truly confident it is non-harmful if your kids swallow it?

This is how I feel about the new love in my life, my new favourite toothpaste.

You may have seen the recipe I did for toothpaste here

Sometimes this can be a little abrasive, for twice daily cleaning.  Sometimes your mouth feels a little more in need of a nourishing treat, or treatment, than a good old clean. (more…)

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Snowball sweets

imageMany years ago I spent a lot of time in the kitchen perfecting raw food desserts.  They are so easy to make and so delicious.

As winter closes in, we find ourselves indoors more often, thinking of comforting memories that revolve around feel-good foods.  It is therefore only natural that making desserts with children is a popular pastime at this time of year.

It drives me a little crazy when people think my kids miss out as I don’t buy chemical-laden biscuits, cakes and ice-creams.  I make all of the above for them, ones that taste and feel better than their DNA-changing counterparts, and this is one of those recipes.

It’s not all celery and hummus in a healthy diet :-)  Even though this recipe contain mineral-rich green powder, the balls do not taste and are not green, but look a  delicious chocolate-y colour.

These snowballs are also a great source of protein, iron, calcium and energy!  (more…)

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Aden + Anais swaddle wraps and WIN a superstar wrap!

Simply comment on this article to be entered into a lottery to win one of 5 superstar wraps, (green, red or grey) worth £17.95 each !* 

You can also earn yourself up to 3 extra entries for:

1) sharing this page on Facebook 2) liking the NaturallyHealthier.co.uk page on Facebook 3) sharing this page on Twitter

(Please send me a message after to say which you have done and I will check). 

I bought Aden + Anais swaddle wraps, when our twins were getting too big to swaddle in their receiving cellular blankets.

The Aden + Anais wraps are extra large, so we swaddled successfully until they were around 4.5-5 months old.

Some people manage to swaddle for much longer (I guess it depends on how wriggly or active the babies are in their sleep).

By the time the twins were six weeks old, we were wrecks.

We went on a baby calming course, called The Happiest Baby on the Block and learned about the 5s’s one of which was ‘swaddle’.  As I recall, we went immediately from 2-3 hours of sleep a night to a whole 8 HOURS of sleep.  It was amazing.


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Natural whitening toothpaste recipe

My fridge

If you eat a predominantly plant-based diet, two things are likely to happen.

1) You will be eating smaller meals more frequently.

As this food is typically lower in calories (per gram) than animal-based foods, you will, most likely, be eating a higher volume of food on a fruits and vegetable based diet, therefore regular brushing is even more necessary.

Your teeth will not be getting as long a break to repair between meals, so it is important to have good dental hygiene to avoid the wearing away of enamel or gums.

2) You will likely naturally become averse to the taste and feel of harsh chemicals in your mouth, or, more sensitive to them.

Therefore I have been making my own toothpaste for a while now and following a diligent dental routine (with regular dentist check-ups to confirm to me I am doing the right things). (more…)

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Carrot slices/ rainbow slices

Rainbow slices: with beetroot, carrot, red and white cabbageThis is a recipe I have been meaning to write up for ages.

I make it for almost every weekend, or for long journeys.  So that where ever we go we have a healthy snack. breakfast/ lunch/ dinner that everyone loves.

Oats are full of B vitamins, so great for post-natal depression.

This is also quite a grounding, nourishing and fulfilling food to take on flights.

I used to make it on Sunday when the twins were at school, for packed lunch, and even the teachers asked for the recipe :)

Whenever anyone has smelled it cooking, or tasted some, they have asked for the recipe.  I have not yet met someone who hasn’t enjoyed it, so hope you will too!


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Why I hate my phone


I have lost count of the family members, loved ones, friends that I have been having face-to-face conversations with, after having not seen them often for months, and feeling that sinking feeling when they pull out their phone mid-chat, even more so if they start typing on it…

I feel sorry for my kids, when they are telling one of their stories about the bird at the park and the person they are talking to checks their phone, increasingly more so that person has been me. My heart bleeds for them.  What message are they getting?  That this story that meant the world to them, is really not that important after all as I got a Facebook message again and I can’t resist replying?

A Wall Street Journal article published in May, “Just Look Me In The Eye Already,” discussed how technology use has affected our decline in eye contact — and the negative effect that reducing eye contact during conversations can have on our relationships. (more…)

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