Prosecco half-marathon, anyone?

I’ve not been writing for a while.ft

I’ve been reading, running and generally getting busy…  Also I updated the blog theme, and lost a lot of features… So I am slowly trying to figure that out.

I plan to be back at it in autumn, I’m away all summer and my twins have basically finished school now, so am busy packing and finding babysitters for my plants, in between running, and running around after them.

In the meantime I thought I would share the below report link, as it made me LOL.

Healthy?  Maybe not the healthiest…. Alcohol is an addictive poison and all that, buuuut, happiness and laughter are great medicines, so is socialising and if this event made Patrick, his mates and people like me who read about it giggle and come together, it’s up to him how he and his body feels about it.  (Still a pretty impressive half-marathon time, by my standards, I couldn’t even achieve the beverages bit in that time, nevermind the running bit as well).

I don’t drink beer myself, unless it happens to be fruit-flavored, but a chilled cider or wine- I could go for.

The last beer I had was probably in the last mile or 2 of Prague half -marathon in 2008.  It was a very low alcohol one.  It really picked me up.  The final aid station had run out of water, but had Plzen, of course. 

A former training buddy of mine said her father fainted near the end of a marathon.  When he was being revived in the first aid tent, they gave him beer to recover quickly.  (This may have also been in Prague, I can’t remember).

When I lived in Prague I triiied to get a taste for the pivo, as it was cheaper than water and grannies drank it at 9 in the morning at the tram stop.  (Normal-looking grannies, not the dog-on-a-string kind).


From my Irish half of the family, alcohol abuse has been passed down through the generations, and I’ve seen and had my fair share of ill-effects from booze.  The English side of my family exemplified abstinence from drink.  You certainly don’t need to consume alcohol to be healthy.  So it falls in the same category as refined sugar for me.  Abstain from it altogether if that feels better for you,  certainly, that’s great!  But consumed alongside a healthy diet, in a quantity that is manageable for your body, and being conscious of not overdoing it, I think you can still be healthy and have the odd drink.


Like sugar, I’ve abstained fully from alcohol at times in my life.  I like a party, and am such a lightweight, I don’t need much to have a good time, so a little here is  a healthier balance for me than not at all.

In fact, when I started seriously running in 2005, that unintentionally spelled the end for me of DJing at all night parties, drinking etc, and kick-started a healthier path altogether.  I don’t find the two ends of the spectrum combine well for me, at all.  It was either or, and I chose health.

Now, 13 beers in 2proseccohrs14, not so moderate, accompanied by a 13 mile run in blistering heat, not for everyone, would almost certainly be the end of me… So I don’t recommend trying it at home.

I believe Patrick Sweeney trained for this, pretty thoroughly, (pretty much evidenced by the fact he surprisingly did not puke)!

I’m always impressed by any feat of human endurance, and this was just that.

Let’s not get too dry and boring about running.  In fact I like running as I refuse to over-analyse it.  I just go for it and feel good.  I don’t want to think about time, or pace or splits.  

It’s all about the joy, and the joy that follows the pain of pushing thyself, and if people are finding creative ways to make it more of a laugh and sociable,… That’s honourable in my book.

Without further ado, happy reading, and PS if you fancy a Malta prosecco half-marathon, inbox me :)

Will be much more interesting than that booooring downhill Malta half-marathon in Feb ;) Let’s arrange a rival event ;)

I am kidding of course, we all know half a glass of prosecco and I’d need a lie-down and a litre of perrier to recover.

HaveAgreatSummer!  H xxx


I'm a Yoga teacher and mother to now 10 year old twins, with an interest in health, wellness and movement. In addition to articles on here, my work can be found by searching on Elephant Journal for my name, which will bring up recipes and mindful living articles. Thanks for reading :-)

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