Tahini-Lemon-Honey Salad Dressing

tahini-honey-lemon-dip-2You can make this recipe even healthier by using organic and raw versions of all 3 ingredients, if you can find them.

This is great drizzled on a cool and crunchy salad of mild-tasting lettuce like iceberg, or even a soft salad, of red-oak leaf, lambs lettuce and round lettuce.

It can also be used as a sandwich (or toast) spread.  Or as dip, sprinkled with paprika and cold-pressed olive oil, with baked aubergine as per the photograph, yummy.

It is one of my two favourite dressings, and takes almost no time to prepare. (more…)

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Super Simple Salad Dressing

grated-beetroot-and-carrot-salad1I think that part of the appeal of tomato ketchup is the combination of vinegar and sweetness… After all, so many people like it who don’t even like tomatoes.  You could maybe try combining blended tomatoes with the below dressing, but we like it just as it is :)

I love the following raw dressing, on everything!  My daughter often asks for ‘just dressing’!   But I give it to her to dip a sweet or white potato into, better for her and tastier than chips and ketchup ;)

I would serve it on a grated salad of carrots, beetroots, turnip, turnip greens (the leaves) and cabbage.  Or any lettuce salad served with Enchiladas. (more…)

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Sweet like Chocolate, Fudge ‘Ice cream’ Lollies

imageChocolate-like Fudge Iced Lollies.

But better for children, chocolate and guilt free :-)

A pediatrician told me last week that 85% of the population of Malta is lactose intolerant.  Avocados, as opposed to milk, give this recipe it’s creaminess.

Avocados, I see as a superfood for children.  A great source of fat, calories, high in protein, dietary fiber, folate, vit C and K.

My daughter eats them straight but for my son I blend them with sweet foods such as fruit.


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