Please don’t nominate me for a no-make up selfie, this is why…

cancer-fighting-foods-carrots-400x400If you are a vegan/ vegetarian/ animal lover, and have been getting on board with the ‘no make-up selfie’ craze, please take a minute to read this.

I love you, friends, and it upsets me greatly, really, to know so many of you, knowing the below, may think differently.  This is not an attack on anyone of you, I just want to share some stuff, that when I found it out myself, I stopped donating to certain cancer charities.

There are noble cancer causes (list below) to which I  would still contribute, that are in line with my ethics, and then there are pink KFC buckets type campaigns.

If 82% of people polled say they would not donate to research charities that fund animal experiments, do people really know what the causes they are donating to, do with the money?

We need to maintain our wisdom and our integrity when it comes to which cancer causes or campaigns we are supporting.  They are not all equal.

Regarding, finding a cure for cancer: cancer is, I am sorry to break this if you didn’t already know, big business.  Conventional cancer treatments are manufactured and sold.  Someone is profiting from this.

‘Astra Zeneca developed the pink ribbon campaign. They ALSO PRODUCE chemo and birth control pills. Question everything nature didn’t design’. 1

17-minute video on What the Cancer Industry doesn’t want YOU to know.

I am not saying this to cause a stir or be controversial, or upset anyone.  I have friends and family who have/ have had cancer.  I think we may all have, it’s such an emotive issue.  Until now, I have quietly declined to sponsor my friends in ‘Race for Life’ campaigns, without being keen to voice my reasons why, and for not wanting to upset anyone.

If you read all this and still wish to donate, good for you!  I just felt differently, and so want to make known what I discovered….

‘Even though it is widely recognised that cancer is largely preventable – lifestyle and environmental factors being responsible for more than 90 per cent of new cases. CRUK, however, continues to fund dozens of animal studies, mostly on mice, at academic and research institutions throughout the UK and overseas.’ 2

Animal research is a key part of Cancer Research UK’s work.  You can see images of the animal research in the below resource: 2. (Depending on your view of animals, this may be justifiable to you, but then, especially then, please see the images, just so you know what you are justifying).

Let’s move back to the business point…

What if, for example, medicated facial cleansing pads really DID get rid of spots?  (Rather than just made skin tingle and the pads look like filthy residue had been effectively removed). Wouldn’t we all buy one tub and be done?  Isn’t that a flawed business model?

Profit and business are the driving forces behind a lot of what we are marketed and ‘sold’.

Some of the powers that be in society do not have our best interests at heart.  Governments are influenced by big business, these businesses are driven by profit.

We know, there is big profit in keeping us sick, uninformed, segregated and disenfranchised.

The most effective solutions, are unlikely to be the most profitable, so we may all need to dig a little deeper when it comes to such serious issues as this.  To help ourselves and our fellow beings with the best that we can offer.  Unfortunately, it may not be as simply as going without make-up and posting a snap with no links.

Additional resources:

1. Astra Zeneca quote:

2. Cancer reseach UK quote : (List of non-animal testing cancer charities page 41 of this booklet)

You can do a Humane Seal search to check  whether a particular charity tests on animals:

For information on cancer treatment alternative therapy: or

Films: (can google search for, some are online in full)

Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business

 Cancer – The forbidden Cures

Cut, Poison, Burn

Forks over Knives

Books; The China Study



I'm a Yoga teacher and mother to now 10 year old twins, with an interest in health, wellness and movement. In addition to articles on here, my work can be found by searching on Elephant Journal for my name, which will bring up recipes and mindful living articles. Thanks for reading :-)

7 thoughts on “Please don’t nominate me for a no-make up selfie, this is why…

  1. I debated long and hard over writing this article. As I am no expert, I just have thoughts and feelings, like all of us. But what swung it for me, is my kids will be growing up in this world, and I want that to be a world based on truth (if that will ever be possible! One can only hope!) X

  2. I wasn’t aware when I wrote this post, that the no make-up selfie trend was spreading globally, not specifically linked to Cancer Research UK, but for cancer awareness.

    For me, it is even more pointless if no charity link is attached, sorry.

    If you want to tell your friends about a charity you advocate, post links?

    If you want to raise awareness of cancer prevention or cures, post what you know about them and why you believe in them?

    If you want to remember a loved-one lost to cancer, post an image of them (with or without make-up) instead, talk about them.

    Otherwise really, all you are raising awareness of is what you look like without make-up, which is a beautiful thing in itself and should be encouraged (I know men are loving it!)

    With love, H x

  3. As a person still on expensive c drugs I can say with a lot of weight behind the subject that your spot on, it’s a huge farce, people should either give blood, get on a bone marrow register, or educate and advocate things like cannabis oil, and anti cancer diet patterns, I’m sickened that people think a few million will do anything to prevent the inevitable if we keep plodding on as we do. Thank you x

  4. Thank you so much Joe for that comment. I hope that everyone sees it. Cannabis oil and apricot kernels contain vit b17, which apparently destroys cancer cells. Both are banned by the FDA. We all need to be asking the real reasons behind natural foods being banned, by governments. Is it that they are unsafe/ untested? Or is it that there is less profit from their marketing and sale than expensive drugs? Thank you for your insight Joe, which adds validation I have otherwise have not had to these points, all the best to you, Hannah x

  5. I could go on, there is a business behind everything. The “business of being born” also springs to mind. I had no choice in the end but to enter into that same model when I was pregnant. It is very difficult when in a vulnerable situation, not to do what the doctor’s tell you to.

    I heard yesterday of a couple spending 2 million dollars on hospital bills trying to save their daughter’s life from cancer. They lost everything. I don’t expect this article will change things, but the fact that so many people seem to be thinking as I have been, is reassuring to me X

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